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Our Mission Statement:

     The goal of GHOSTLY CREW is to focus on investigating claims of paranormal activity to help bring some type of closure to our clients.

     We are a dedicated group of experienced paranormal investigators who wish to provide to each client answers, compassion and understanding to a situation they may be experiencing. We investigate every case in a professional manner. We highly respect our clients' confidentiality.

     We use a scientific and organized approach in all of our investigations. We collect evidence through video and audio recordings and an array of other investigative procedures. We then analyze this information using a skeptic's point of view to ensure credibility in an unbiased manner.

     We serve clients in Western Massachusetts, Northern Connecticut or other locations on a case by case basis.

It all started when a group of experienced paranormal investigators came together in search of the truth.

    Our team formed in late 2014. After years of working together in other groups, we formed GHOSTLY CREW.  Our members were searching for a better way to investigate paranormal sites. We came together with fresh ideas and skeptical minds. The team is diverse, professional, thorough, and mature. We spend no time sensationalizing our investigations. We get to the facts, we gather evidence, and we present our clients with reliable, factual data. If there is paranormal activity we will find it!

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